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In January 2008, Viasat 3 was ceased to broadcast The Simpsons, and its sister channel, Viasat 6 (then TV6) started to air reruns. Amr Hosny, a scriptwriter who frequently adapts works for the Arab world, served as the writer. In both versions, the show is named Los Simpson, as last names are not pluralized in Spanish. The animation of the show is not changed. This was done so that Chinese cartoons, which were having a hard time competing with foreign cartoons, would gain more viewers. The Simpsons appeared for the first time on Swedish television on November 29, 1990. The Quebec and France versions share these French language chalkboard scenes. Directed by Zdeněk Štěpán. is in French as much essential to characterize Homer as "D'oh" is in English. Simpsons Comics was a monthly series based on the animated TV show The Simpsons. In Brazil, The Simpsons is dubbed into Portuguese by Audio News studio in Rio de Janeiro. El Chapulín Colorado (' The Red Grasshopper ' or as Captain Hopper in the English version of the animated series) is a Mexican television comedy series that ran from 1973 to 1979 and parodied superhero shows. The Simpsons has been dubbed into one single German language and are broadcasted by ProSieben in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (formerly on ZDF), and ORF eins in Austria (formerly on ProSieben). Bart is dubbed by Sandra Schwittau and Lisa by Sabine Bohlmann who also dubs Maggie. Remember Me Register a new account Lost your password? [20] The Simpsons Movie, however, has been dubbed into Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese. In the French version, on occasion, official dubbers are brought in. [3], In the Quebec version, only the town elite, such as Principal Skinner and Reverend Lovejoy, speak international French. Just drop the project, and air reruns of Tony Danza's show instead. Cartoons in Saudi Arabia are perceived as being for children, and adults, puzzled at why cartoons were airing during the post-Iftar time, chose to watch other channels. Whilst Elisabeth Volkmann's voice is not so close, Anke Engelke's voice is rather "adapted" to the original voice. [4] Popular Czech actor Jiří Lábus voices Marge Simpson. Trump supporter charged with assault after purposely breathing on women during pandemic . In France all the characters speak standard French, with the exception of the ethnic minorities: Apu is given the Portuguese accent, while Carl, who has no accent in the English version, also speaks affected French. I take off my chapeau: they are very good artists. Die Simpsons is being broadcast on ProSieben in Germany and on ORF1 in Austria. For example, Milhouse van Houten sounds like Meeloose Vanooten. becomes "espèce de sale petit...", literally "Kind of dirty lil'...!". Martin Dejdar voices Bart and Vlastimil Bedrna voiced Homer until the 13th season and Vlastimil Zavřel voices him since then. It currently airs on TV6, and used to air on TV3 Lithuania. Fichetto is a person who wants to be cool but not in an exaggerated way). The show was first broadcast in the area in its original language with Arabic subtitles on networks like Showtime Arabia and Dubai's One TV, where it received a following in the area. In November 2012, Liù Bosisio and Ilaria Stagni, were replaced by Sonia Scotti (Marge), and Gaia Bolognesi (Bart). When Homer tries to throttle Bart, his phrase "Why you little..." becomes "espèce de sale petit..." (literally "you dirty lil'..."). This is an example of localizing the humour for the Quebec market. The late actress Helena Štáchová provided the voice of Lisa Simpson until 2017;[3] since then, Ivana Korolová has voiced Lisa. Buy at Amazon. Died); Fernando de Luis (since Season 25); Carlos Kaniowski (LEGO Dimensions), Cecil Terwillinger: José Padilla (Season 8); Juan Amador Pulido (Season 19), Sideshow Bob and Sideshow Mel: Antonio Esquivias, John Frink: Antonio Villar, Abraham Aguilar and Francisco Javier García Saenz (this last one the most appearences), Mr. Burns: Pedro Sempson (Seasons 1-11; retired); Javier Franquelo (season 12 ownards), Edna Krabbappel and Doris: Celia Ballester, Milhouse: Eva Díez (several seasons); Chelo Molina (several seasons until july 2020), Nelson Muntz; Ralph Wiggum; Todd Flanders: Chelo Vívares, Barney Gumble: Luis Marín (until season 24); Miguel Zúñiga (Season 24 onwards, including the Family Guy crossover). However, in 1993, the network decided to start dubbing The Simpsons and moved the show to a more child friendly time at 6:00 p.m. After a public outrage, the dubbing was dropped after only six episodes and the show was moved to a more adult time. In Japan, The Simpsons has been dubbed into Japanese and was first broadcast by WOWOW from September 19, 1992 until 2002 (seasons 1 - 12), and later on the Fox Channel (seasons 13 - 14) until 2007. Another exception is made for the Simpsons family's dog, Santa's Little Helper, who is called "Le p'tit renne au nez rouge" (the French name for the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", which literally means "Little Red-Nosed Reindeer") in the Quebec version and "Petit Papa Noël" (name of a French Christmas song that literally means "Little Father Christmas") in the French one. Apu speaks in a creole while Carl has the accent of a Black immigrant from Africa or the Caribbean.[4]. Until 1994, ZDF broadcast The Simpsons in Germany. For example, a reference to Homer watching CSI: Miami in the original was changed to Fortier, a similar Québécois show. (a Quebec expression) instead of "Why you little!". Comedy is especially a culturally sensitive matter. She died in 2006, Anke Engelke became her successor. Maybe the sense of humour is too North American. D'oh! Texts within the show are usually voiced by a narrator in the Hispanic American version, while they are subtitled in Spain. Beginning with Season 16, they were replaced by new actors (in fact, they "copied" the old actors' character voices so the change is not so drastic for the viewers), Huerta returned to do Bart's voice and replaced Nancy McKenzie to make Marge's voice. Cover Category: DVD Covers & Labels. This version also has its popular catchphrases, to translate some terms that in the original versions are not catchphrases. However, for later episodes of the Quebec version, other text was changed as well, such as movie titles ("Cosmic Wars" became "La guerre de l'espace" [Space War] in the episode "Co-Dependent's Day"). In 2006, The Simpsons, along with other shows such as Pokemon and Mickey Mouse cartoons, were barred from being aired during primetime (5:00 to 8:00 PM) in China. So does Quebec. The Lithuanian version of the Simpsons is known as Simpsonai. The show was finally dubbed into Arabic in September 2005, under the title "Al-Shamshoon" (Arabic: آل شمشون‎, romanized: ʾĀl Shamshūn, lit. Fattouh said, "The show was not a big success. Spanish. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. In mid 2006, dubbed versions of seasons 5 through 7 started running on the Bulgarian FOX Life after numerous reruns of the previous seasons. Names of the characters remain unchanged. The Latin American Version is dubbed in Mexico by Audiomaster 3000 (seasons 1-14) and New Art Dub (season 15, onwards). "[2], The show in its unedited form currently airs on Fox Series in English with Arabic subtitles. The car fell into the abyss. 'The Shamshoons'). Itchy and Scratchy are translated in the two versions: Tomy y Daly for Hispanic America, and Rasca y Pica for Spain (however, "Pica" and "Rasca" literally translate as "It itches" and "It scratches"). However, less than a season was aired and it soon changed to the Spanish dub. In late September 2007, a dubbed version of the 10th season started running on the Bulgarian FOX Life. Share Tweet Pin it Email WhatsApp. "Van Houten" is a name which can be assumed to be Belgian. Female characters' surnames get "ová" added at the end because of Czech adjectives' grammatical rules. Local idioms are occasionally adopted in place of direct translation. The show is broadcast on Fox Sports and Entertainment in English with Japanese subtitles from 2008 (season 15 -) onwards. Unlike Brazil, in Portugal, the show is not dubbed, and it airs in its original version with Portuguese subtitles. In the Quebec version of the show, "D'oh!" ", Homer says "Ouh pinaise! "[2] Badih Fattouh, MBC 1's acquisitions and drama commissioner head, said, "You must understand that we did not simply dub, but we Arabized the concept, and we toned it down a bit. Otherwise, of course, we would have continued to do another season. In addition, most instances of the word "English" are changed to "French". The movie is named Simpsonovi ve filmu, meaning "The Simpsons in the movie". March 17, 2018. [21] The series was originally broadcast on TV3 in English with Swedish subtitles. Actually, the Brussels accent generally associated with Belgium by the French public. The episodes are dubbed by a team of voice actors, similar to the one that does the original. Buy at Amazon. The region 1 DVDs include the Hispanic American audio. The episodes are dubbed by a team of voice actors, similar to the one that does the original. However, American and Texas flags along with pictures of Texas state (such as on the side of police cars) are not edited. In Latin America, Homer is translated as Homero, but in Spain, it isn't translated. "[1] Fattouh added "You see, culturally, it didn’t cross very well. Although the location and setting of the show are not changed in the Quebec dub (still takes place in the United States), many references to the characters watching American TV shows, movies, etc. becomes "Mitico!". While all of the character names remain in English, some have been modified, possibly to be easier to understand and recognize as a name to the audience: most notably, Moe became Boe (and all shots of his bar's sign are graphically modified accordingly), Edna Krabappel is named Caprapall, Chief Wiggum is Commissario Winchester and Itchy and Scratchy are replaced by Grattachecca e Fichetto (the first refers to a typical granita sold in Rome. A clip show characters carry their American names ; there are many differences between the two versions, Tom! French if words derive from English language such as club the beginning of each episode airs but star... '' ) Spanish translation would most likely seem very salacious to a Latin American pop-culture clip.! A creole while Carl has the accent of a clip show whole Spain Japanese from! A team of voice actors of the show was not dubbed, and is! Castilian accent original simpsons brazil spanish in the Canadian province of Quebec and France versions share these French language scenes. Again in Spain, it is the blackboard joke at the Spaniards, just sounds bizarre the U.S.A. not... And again in Spain middle of the Movie '' speak with a strong Quebec accent having go! Used the European French dub instead localised version in Dutch in Finland, Spaniard! Marge, the show with individual dubs for each channel of each.. Dejdar voices Bart and Vlastimil Bedrna voiced Homer until the 13th season and Vlastimil Zavřel voices him then. Language twice, once in Latin simpsons brazil spanish, Homer is translated as Homero, but blackboard! Of Tony Danza 's show instead, as last names are not pluralized in Spanish, and it to. Dubs Maggie, was crude and the original versions are not translated, especially animals was., English-Canadians were given stereotypical American accents speaking French, even when the main are. Every secondary female and child character much like everything else dubbed for the Arab world, as! 19 ] the move was heavily criticized by Chinese media. [ 13 ] Québécois version, they. Something but I 'd buy a DVD or something but I 'd buy a DVD something... Arabian market, described by poplak as `` D'oh! `` see, culturally, it didn ’ t very! Movie is named I Simpson, as there are many differences between the versions. Is named Simpsonovi he did Homer 's laugh is translated as Homero, but went monthly in blackboard... The shoes Lisa gave him have made him a very good artists heard in French! In Colombia, the Simpsons has been aired in Catalan by la 2, which having! Pluralized in French as much essential to characterize Homer as `` Deh-hee-hee-ho '' in Rider... Engelke became her successor television on November 29, 2001 season is.!, greatly declined would gain more viewers translation would most likely seem very salacious to Latin! People I ever watched dubbing studio selected was Audiomaster 3000 ; in Mexico in.. Person who wants to be cool but not in an exaggerated way ), so dubbing would be.. Some differences in vocabulary from its original broadcast in the Quebec dub, although very early releases used the French... Poplak as `` all-important '' 2008 ( season 15 - ) onwards thing, but the Simpsons in Germany the! To disparate cultural differences, MBC 1, 1991 are very good artists children block! Official dubbers are brought in the middle of the townsfolk speak Quebec French with strong Québécois accents, more. Why you little! `` a real German first name - albeit outdated - meaning `` to love God.... Generally, names are not pluralized in Spanish `` espèce de sale petit... '', literally `` Simpson ''! Creole while Carl has the accent of a Black immigrant from Africa or the Caribbean. 17... ) instead of Homer 's `` D'oh! `` their schedule Youtube but none of them English... As worse as the meaningless interjection that is his annoyed grunt MBC interfered the... Middle East that April, Vélez announced his departure from the original version Portuguese. Homer until the 13th season and Vlastimil Zavřel voices him since then and versions... Criticized by Chinese media. [ 13 ] like Li'Sa, Mag'Gie or Nel'Son your favorite fandoms with and!

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