orvis recon 10' 3wt review

Our Price: $249.00 . Orvis Recon 10' 3wt When Greys exited the US market a few years ago, a lot of us were left looking for an 11’ 3-weight to replace it. Price: £465.00. Hooksets are solid. NEW! There’s no doubt the Recon is a handsome rod—-the olive blank built with Orvis’ new ferrule design is nice to look at, as is the black nickel uplocking reel seat complete with a dark burl wood insert. Be the first to review “Orvis Clearwater 11’4″ 3wt Trout Spey Rod” Cancel reply. I'm considering this rod, too. The Recon 3wt is the perfect small stream or light spring creek rod. Price: From: £879.00. Francis’ Comments: For under $500, the Orvis Recon is a … Just picked up this rod for the new year. However, what I was most pleased with was the rod’s ability to absorb shock and protect the lighter tippets. For some years now, several major american brands have begun to design tools for modern nymphing approaches. The rep at the fly shop said the Orvis Recon (he has one) 10' #3 is at least 5X the rod the Clearwater is in regard to actual fishing characteristics and aesthetics. Recon® 2-Weight 10' 4-Piece Fly Rod The Recon 102-4 fly rod is designed for the demands of European nymphing. Have tried a variety of 10' 3wt rods due to an arm paralysis problem....I have settled on 2 rods.... the Redington Hydrogen 10' is a great rod. Your email address will not be published. Proudly made in the USA by people who love fishing as much as you do.". This same incredible sensitivity also helps the angler pick up on the most subtle takes. The Recon is a fantastic casting machine. A photo posted by Keystone Fly Guides (@keystoneflyguides) on Dec 30, 2016 at 10:15pm PST. Being able to “feel” your flies rolling and bouncing along the riverbed is a must and the Recon does this extremely well. How does the new Clearwater 10′ 3 WT stack up to the Recon? If you’ve been looking for a great euro nymphing stick, you owe it to yourself to check out the Recon 10ft 3WT! Thanks to the butt section of the rod, there is plenty of fight in this dog. The only thing that I would change about this rod is the shiny, painted finish on the blank. A major effort was made to increase the balance : the reel seat is down-locking and the first piece ends with a thin fighting butt. The rod is accurate, fun to cast, and tracks straight. I’ve caught fish anywhere from eight inches to over eight pounds on this rod, and it seems no matter the size of the fish, this rod wanted nothing more than to land each one. The prestigious Orvis company took part in this initiative, particularly under the initiative of its french partners. It’s also delicate enough to Czech/straight line nymph effectively. Andrew Wading Boots Review : Creek and Fly, Fishing modern dry dropper methods (tandem flies), Review : Vision XO GRAPHENE 9'7 5wt, 10'3 and 11'4 3wt, Review : Thomas & Thomas Contact II 10' 2wt. Made for traveling long distances because of how light it is. We took it out on the water to give it a run for its money. Maybe just a little over budget though. Description Reviews Shipping Outfit The Orvis Company was founded in 1856 by Charles F. Orvis in Manchester, Vermont. Its standard length allows to practice in all water profiles with a predilection for medium rivers. For me, it provides me with a great anchor point while fighting larger fish. Small streams. What I like (very fast) may not at all be what you like, so keep in mind some subjectivity per fisherman, here..Also, my recommendation will always be for a 10 or 10'6" 3wt. Sensitivity. This rod is super light, and, at the time of this writing, is still the lightest ten-foot rod on the market. Rod is repaired, or sections replaced. The 5-weight boasts a 7-inch half-wells grip and heavy-duty black nickel hardware throughout. The cigar grip is made of best quality cork and the gunsmoke reel seat with wood insert gives the set a very elegant look. Orvis built this new, specialty Recon with input from other competitive anglers, and constructed it to be a nymphing machine, and it does it like a boss! Make The Straight Line Practice Rod: Video, Fly Fishing: Searching for That Needle in a Haystack, 4 Proven Ways To Effectively Fish A Streamer, Fly Fishing in the Winter – Getting in the Routine. $498.00. At the same time soft and accurate, it is possible to fish with very fine tippet. I looked at a very nice Orvis Clearwater today, 10' #3, for $189 list. The Smaller the better. The new Recon Fly Rod from Orvis is almost here and it's going to be better than ever. ... Orvis Recon 10ft 3wt #11. The tight lining performance of this Recon is certainly its bread-and-butter, yet this rod can handle a myriad of other techniques.

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