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The Charlemagne event where an Ummayad vassal asks for help declaring independence now only fires for a neighboring realm, and the vassal will wait until his ally is not at war to start his own. Children of viceroys will no longer gain strong claims on the viceroy title, and gain a weak claim instead. Plus gender rule not applied for Assassins. They now convert to Bulgarian through event, and a 'Embrace Bulgarian Culture' conversion decision has been added. It includes an Ancient Religions option, as Shattered World did. A completely revamped set-up for the historical transition between Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire to the Holy Roman Empire, with events allowing for this to occur even with the AI at the helm (or in a completely ahistorical manner). New saints only add to a religion's MA if it's below 75%. I think this means even when an update for the mod is eventually released youll need to start a new game? Such is life in CK2, consider hiding in your keep if you're afraid of death. Selecting option not to be informed about claimant adventurer moves doesn't block further information. Prisoners losing stressed/depressed etc. Completely removed usage of add_alliance effect which probably caused everyone to be allied with everyone. Infinite diplomacy from earning nickname ambition. Invite Druid to Court decision removed, Invite Holy Man decision now generates druids when used by Celtic pagans. NOTE: The same is NOT the case when the title of either ruler changes hands in any other way than death -- usurpation or the like will automatically end the tribute. The Shiite Caliphate revolt has been made more likely to happen, and if the Imamah should vanish then the Fatimid dynasty head can step forward and assume the title. Italian cultural empires requiring capital for creation. Due to a recent change in Paradox's Policies, we can now accept donations. MAJOR: The vanilla viceroy system introduced with the Charlemagne DLC now no longer exists, and the viceroy realm laws can no longer be passed. The "Saint" and "Martyr" nicknames will no longer be gained except on death, through the sainthood system. Enabled parent-child seduction for Kemetic characters. Selecting "Region" will assign pagan religions like before, based on location. The Byzantine Empire may now be formed by Chalcedonians. This law does not affect melting pot events. * Stripped out some maintenance calculations and features to lower the memory overhead for the mod. Factions have only a minor chance of making an ultimatum towards liege. A searchable table of all events from Crusader Kings 2, with their event IDs for use in console commands. Instead they are 'discovered' as the child grows up by others. Adjusted localization of German Pagan deities. Seljuks troops in 1066 war increased (AI only). Added a banner on the title screen instead. Feudal pagans will no longer have their succession type revert to gavelkind if they change it. Minor culture tweaks in the Balkans and Saxony. Fixed history of Abbasid Caliphs, they are now Levantine instead of Bedouin. "Imperial" government is renamed to "Imperial Bureaucracy". "Tribal to Feudal" rule renamed to "Government Conversion". Added missing retinues for Franco Germanic cultures. NOTE: the plague still has an impact of 125%. Added upgradeable garrisons for all tradepost buildings, whether the holder is patrician or not. Indeed, multiple epigenetic events were found altered across different species during aging. Aztec religion head, once appointed can call for a great holy war. Added Thuringian and Bavarian cultures to the CM/TOG map. CK2Plus Team, hereinafter referred to as "modder", takes no responsibility for harm done in using this mod or its installer. Increased base chance of the martyr trait being acquired when killed by heathens from 10% to 25%. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 1.23. Edited tooltips for Pentarchy to mention that religions which only recognize the Petrine Sees will get three Patriarchs, not five. They do not elect the Pope, however, and the succession cannot be influenced. The Shattered Realm decision will no longer make bunch of clone characters. Player only, (BETA1) "Release as Protectorate" decision which allows players who control imperial realms to release non de jure vassals as protectorates. Available laws are: None - Culture conversion is happening at 1/10th of normal speed. Merchant Republics can no longer seize patrician family palaces through their CB. Muslims now may pass non-agnatic succession laws if they wish, though the AI will not do so. The AI will not form claimant factions against an AI religion head unless they are cynical. Tribal AI will now sometimes use tributary CB against targets which they cannot subjugate. The Schemer lifestyle trait now adds a +25% plot power bonus as well. Added missing retinues for Scots and Basque cultures. The AI will not do so unless it is Zealous. Some laws, like Feudal Elective or Tanistry, require the agreement of your vassals in order to change them at all. If the tribute dies, his heir receives an event and is presented with the same choice: pay tribute to the suzerain or decline and possibly face invasion. Celtic Changeling event chain now properly controlled by Supernatural Events game rule. May no longer enforce claims for Muslim women who are not themselves rulers. Employed courtiers have dynasties of other cultures. Frankish counties in Germany will convert to German(Allemanic) instead of French. Vassals can only use the holy war cb against targets bordering/near their demesne provinces (or the demesne provinces of their own vassals), not any province in their liege's realm. Raise Zealots / Tribal Army decision tooltip showing inaccurate troop count. Increased the rate that the statecraft job action affects threat decay. 6 new duchies, Sokoto, Hausa, Dardaju, Kordofan, Kanem, and Bornu. Fixed c_lorraine, c_messina, and c_reggio in the 1066 bookmark. (BETA1) Tributaries more likely to accept new suzerain if suzerain is their dynasty's head. Players are able to block carousing invites for 5 years. Naturally-born children should no longer think their father is their uncle. They must approach the top liege of the realm, and if given permission to remain must go to each vassal in that realm in turn. Improved viceroy selection for AI. Negative events that occur during the Bogomilist formalization process now actually hinder the process rather than help it. "Middle Aged" nickname chance reduced and added limitation so it's given only to unremarkable characters. Nearby rulers have a higher priority. Added tooltips to those religions. Nomads may now only abandon provinces which have no settlements (vanilla bug fixed). Attacking a religion head will also prompt rulers to offer support -- sometimes joining their war, sometimes offering coin and volunteers. Characters changed to their correct Anglic(English and Scots) and Celtic cultures. Fixed rebellions only ending with invalidation. Characters of different culture group or of different religion can no longer claim imperial throne. When the Carolingian Empire is formed, rulers who have to give up lands to the Pope will now receive an event telling them why. Despot title for players with the Conclave DLC is no longer active if there are no suitable candidates for it. Tamworth is now a Castle and capital of Stafford. Adventurers asking for support more than once. The CB should now also properly display all the possible results of the war. Religion head titles which are inherited/usurped, but belong to a different religion, are now either reverted back to their previous owner (if they're alive) or destroyed. Over the past decades, several hallmarks of aging have been defined, including epigenetic deregulation. Restore Zoroastrian Highpriesthood decision giving the title to non-Zoroastrians. If they are, the decadence gets reduced, and the emperor can increase CA past low. Added a "Become a Saint" ambition for Christians -- this will kick off a series of events which can take many years to appear/complete, requiring you to overcome your sins in order to build up a reputation as a Paragon of virtue. Israelite patronyms, names and other cultural tweaks. Female characters who are married matrilineally no longer automatically legitimize their bastard children. One for primarily land or sea, one for African trade and one for the Silk Road. Reduced chances of some Celtic events (Feedback welcome!). Kingdom of Tuscany now requires the entire Tuscan region. Headhunter trait not providing correct modifiers for its level. Better flag for Sardinian Duchy and Kingdom. New unlockable nicknames: the Dangerous, the Middle Aged, the Aggressor, the Vehement. If the target rejects, attacker can still backout, at the cost of prestige. Fixed a bug which made the Ecumenical Patriarch *more* likely to refuse your coronation if he didn't hate you. Imperial Court Events -- Vassals can send their family members to imperial court to learn and gain experience. Additional ways to avoid kingdom/empire titles being destroyed after a revolt at minimum CA: Holders of certain titles that existed during the entire timeline may take a loan to save the title even when they lack the required gold or presttige. If using the Ruler Designer, you can now select a "Customize Ruler Dynasty" trait, which will allow you to assign an existing character as a relative and assume their dynasty (only if you don't select the Bastard trait, however, in which case you keep your Ruler Designer dynasty but still get the relatives). However, if Latin Empire does not exist, and new ruler is catholic or catholic heresy, Byzantine Empire will convert to Latin. The rating slows down plots against you, but you can devote your own Spy Network to reducing your target's. Fixed some localisation errors in events related to the succession law factions. Added titular kingdoms for Assyrians and Kurds and a titular Assyrian Empire. Several ports in Oman being in the wrong province. While tribal rulers cannot build new holdings normally, they will have pious characters sometimes ask to found a temple with their support. It has been replaced with 'Attempt Religious Conversion' -- usable under in the same circumstances (though it costs 50 Piety to attempt to convert a vassal, instead of simply 10 for a courtier), you will need to decide your approach (diplomacy, religious debate, or threat of imprisonment if you have at least Medium CA/Tribal Organization) and then the target will respond either with refusal, conversion, or sympathy (though sympathy cannot be gained with threats). Peresechen being Russian before Russian melting pot event. Player being forced to break with lover because of having low opinion of lover. The events adding and removing the Restless Sidhe modifier have been moved to the notification box, similar to general province prosperity events. Crimean Empire being formable outside of Crimea. Papal title should now go directly to one of the cardinals. You'll note that the revolts now have ALL vassals in the unified revolt realm, as opposed to a revolt realm and a number of third-party independent revolter allies. cultures now properly get Elective Gavelkind. Fixed erroneous changing of province culture to liege culture via inappropriate assignation of 'Settle Tribe' steward job. Formalizing the Bogomilist faith now removes the 'Formalizing Bogomilism' character modifier from the ruler. * Fixed spying event chain when you choose to immediately reveal your target's affair. ), (BETA1) Theology focus makes conversion more likely, (BETA1) Changed the colours of the Albanian, Polish, Low Prussian, Thuringian, Czech, Swiss and Austrian culture for better contrast, (BETA1) Changed the colours of Hellenic and Roman religion for better contrast, (BETA1) Several provinces were made Afghan and the majority religion is Buddhism and Hinduism with a Zoroastrian minority, (BETA1) Pontic culture and dynasties added, (BETA1) Galatian culture removed from history setup, (BETA1) Celtic Headhunting now results exclusively from duels, not random battles, and rewards a skull in your treasury for each head hunted, (BETA1) Headhunting after the 5th head only grants 5 prestige and 2 piety, not the previous 20 and 10, (BETA1) Relocated pagan holy sites to more accurate locations (in progress), (BETA1) Created buildings to represent specific holy sites which provide a piety bonus to the liege for controling. Nomad realms may now have up to 12 clans, and the ideal size for each clan has been reduced slightly. You can "teach them a lesson", giving you +1 tyranny and adding a harsh penalty to taxea and levies for five years but extending the "Recent Uprising" modifier to ten years and giving a 25% chance of converting religion/culture (depending on the uprising type), "force them to convert" which gives you +2 tyranny and harsher penalties, but the "Recent Uprising" modifier lasts twenty years and there is a 50% chance of conversion, or you can opt to find a more peaceful solution (ie. They don't do anything in plus anyway. Patricians without county holdings should now be able to join factions. Fixed duchy adventurers from sometimes ending up with an improper government type after usurping the titles. All Chalcedonian priests may now not marry. After that, it will no longer have effect on MA. This option will disappear, like other similar setup ones, after the first day of any bookmark. Fixed a bug preventing the EU4C from converting CK2 countries to their proper government rank in EU4. - Allows conquest/subjugation CBs for rulers with small realms. Emperors losing imperial government due to inheriting feudal title (only partial fix, still under investigation). De Jure Requirement rule is not applied to empires if Vanilla Empires rule is off. The "good" traits are now blue with little 'spurs' sticking out of them. Readded the Canarias as a playable realm with its own Kingdom(Gran Canaria), duchy(Maxos), and 2 counties(Fuerteventura and Lanzarote). Fixed Kharijite Rebellion event so the revolt doesn't invalidate. Faction leaders can no longer propose an ultimatum or revolt at a faction meeting if their liege has a liege who has declared Realm Peace, and thus they cannot actually revolt. In addition, Tyranny trait system is now compatible with Conclave DLC (credit to AGOT team, some of their code was used for this). * The regular 'Demand Religious Conversion' diplo action has been removed. Empty provinces now require 50 soldiers to occupy (instead of 100). AI always keeps prisoner jailed after torture/humiliation. Adventurers will generate a bigger portion of troops based on the money they collected, and less based on their attributes and "out of thin air". Female Danish, Greek, Norman, Castillan, and Norwegian regnal names. Sawdan vassal of Benevento on character selection screen in TOG start. It is available to independent feudal kings and emperors. Level 4 Magnum Opus artifact has only level 3 quality. Provinces with "wrong" culture will not prosper. Added a plot to elope with your unlanded female lover. Increased population-per-empty province limit for nomads. The AI will now use a wider range of jobs for its councillors. Nomads can again destroy pillaged settlements. An Empire being overthrown by a faction rebellion (other than a Pretender war) now reduces its Imperial Decadence by 10 ("out with the old"). Imperial Government can enable Vassal Peace law with medium CA, and Total Peace with high CA. May now convert to Jewish culture/religion if a community is present in your demesne. - To be replaced with "Challenge" events. 'Invite Priest to Court' decision now starts the new character off as a monk, nun, perfecti, desert father, or desert mother (depending on the religion) and thus eligible to be a Lord Spiritual. Jewish communities returning to Israel that manage to convert the province not flagging the ruler for the ambition. * Primary title's succession laws are no longer automatically copied to lower titles. Canaanite (jewish pagan) characters can now have multiple wives and are considered pre-reformed pagans. Added the missing icon for the 'Grand Trunk Road'. Adjacencies not rendering properly for Taghaza. When this rule is active, if the player dies without an heir of their own dynasty, they will continue play as the heir with their dynasty. Distributing a new primary title to a courtier or vassal will now also make that title adopt the liege's succession laws, including gender laws, instead of using Agnatic Gavelkind everytime. Rulers without a crown law title (such as independent dukes) may now pass the Revoke Title laws without worrying about Crown Authority. Reduced duchy adventurer max army troops from 2500 to 1500. Grey Eminence and Schemer traits slowing down claim fabrication. Being able to create two Avaria Kingdoms. Cynical rulers won't always refuse papal investiture "suggestion" since it's normally a stupid move. Courtiers in the capital of an empire now have a chance of gaining one of three traits over time: Imperial Bureaucrat, Imperial Courtier, or Imperial Guard. All Christian religions have the capability to unite Christianity -- whether it be via Mending the Schism (for Catholics and Orthodox), Repudiating the Council of Chalcedon (for Miaphysites) or Repudiating the Council of Ephesus (for Nestorians). The Patriarch Supreme is now also granted the bishopric of Rome by an AI Chalcedonian ruler (with no player as a top liege), just as with the Pope. Reduced artifact loss chance to 1% for normal inheritance, and to 10 percent when character dies without heirs. Raiding adventurers will not raid their former liege or any of his vassals for at least five years, if he liked the liege at all. Re-educate decision - allows adult characters to get a different education trait. Fixed the vanilla bug where Lord Spirituals of other religions from tribal or nomadic governments had no localization and were thus "Court Chaplain"s. Removed most religious title localization from non-religious titles in favor of cultural localization. Change Province Culture ambition is not available if this law is enacted, and chance of an uprising is reduced 10 times. Removed the frame from the loading screens. To reduce border gore, provinces which are not connected by land to either the realm capital or the capital of a nomadic vassal will be usurped by one of the sons who has a neighboring province. Religious branch selection can now be aborted. Israel no longer allowed as a base for a custom empire. Rulers won't get automatically excommunicated if they refuse papal investiture. Customs Houses, Toll Booths and Trade Guild Headquarters (for trade posts) should now properly apply their tax income boost via a province modifier. Added option "Tribal" - converts all feudal, republic characters to tribal government, all holdings are destroyed and capital is converted to a tribal holding. Duchy adventurers given a set of logical preferences regarding what their target realms will be, and seafaring adventurers are restricted to targets within their logical "sea range". (FINAL) ERE will try to HW everyone in south-east Europea and Asia Minor first, before moving on. Seek Treatment not working sometimes when Physician is also councillor. Instead, the CB costs 100 Piety to use, and 250 Piety if you've used it within the last five years. An Orthodox priest who is granted Constantinople by an Orthodox emperor will now usurp the Ecumenical Patriarch title, if it is still valid. Saint István appearing twice in Hungarian title history. I'll remove the overrides for each if/when I figure out how to do so. Percentage tribute gives to suzerain reduced to 30% if reached through war, or 20% if reached through an agreement. Abdicating ruler must be at least 50 years old, and must have ruled for at least 10 years. This prevents having a kingdom title usurped out from underneath a non-participant in the crusade. Moved Szczecin county all the way to Oder. The AI will only abandon a close-relation NAP for their claim if they dislike you enough to be eligible to form a claimant faction for it. MAJOR: All former tax and levy laws are now changed to the demesne law system used by EMF -- namely an Obligations law for each holding type, and a "slider" that allows you to customize whether you'd like to focus on levies or taxes (or strike a balance between the two). Zoroastrian modifiers not applying/removing properly. If re-education decision is taken, the focus will depend on selected educator. HRE stem duchies can only be formed by non-independent rulers, and they require the control of the entire stem duchy. Option "Yes" renamed to "Feudal" - converts all tribal characters to feudal government. The Paulician Patriarch no longer inherits the Antioch Patriarchate if they are not a theocracy. EU4 Converter updated for version 1.15 of EU4 and 4.04.X of CK2+. Removed unused inaccurate Roman Dynasty names, replaced with similar Roman gentes (family names). Fixed a bug where landless rebels/adventurers could hire mercenaries after their forces were destroyed, putting those mercenaries in limbo and thus eventually causing a crash. NWO event setup allowing patrician player to cause game over. Fixed patricians losing ability to marry matrilinealy when switching gender laws, Fixed improper Aquitaine de jure fragment in the millenium bookmark, Fixed Despot title being unavailable to players without Conclave DLC. I think this means even when an update for the mod is eventually released youll need to start a new game? Fixed "building destroyed" siege event so it should no longer have the chance to destroy a building in the besieger's capital. Fixed the "Replace Regent" plot, so it doesn't show immediate success after enacting it. Do not apply Recently Conquered when ruler abdicates in excommunication war. Unreformed Pagans can declare holy war if they control at least 3 holy sites. Reformed Pagans get county conversion (for and against) with the same rules as non-pagans. I may keep this one, as it should allow me to customize the councilor actions for this faith, but instead maybe I'll just make a new one. Legitimization is now allowed for sibling of a ruler. Added Meccan as a pagan religion for Arabs, Tamazight as a pagan religion for Berbers, and Canaanite as a pagan religion for Israelites. You'll get Plus fairly quickly. Demon-led Aztec invasion not having correct statup event. They increase disease resitance, but decrease trade route value. Fixed a bug where women rulers/heirs were sometimes prompted to marry other women. Religion heads will excommunicate anyone of the same religion, if attacked (provided they can). Removed vanilla spymaster actions which Plus already had included in different events. Once the Patriarch Supreme is appointed, all new priests will take his rite, and any challenges he makes to existing priests' rites will not lower Chalcedonian MA. The AI will now not create a new dynasty when it is heir or pretender to a title held by a member of their current dynasty. Greater Israel, Eretz Yisrael Hashlemah, can be founded if you own the most of the land from Egypt to the Euphrates. The Chalcedonian Pope is now more likely to pick cardinals closer to home. Theocracies now only accept lieges of their own religion. This determines whether the roles of women on the ruler's council can be expanded from the default, and at its highest level provides the prerequisite for Absolute Cognatic succession. Added a customization feature that sets the chance for Aztecs to appear to be identical to the chance in vanilla CK2. Hungary's establishment by the magyars now allows the k_hungary title to be subsequently usurpred and/or re-created. If Israel exists Jewish communites from around the world will slowly return to Israel. Increased the soft cap for non-Trade Republics to hold trade posts by one. The choice influences the cost of the coronation, and prestige and piety gain. Imperial Government -- Special feudal government type that replaces the viceroy system. A Spy Network rating, built by assigning the Spymaster to the Build Spy Network job. MAJOR: removed the New Millenium bookmark, Restored 'Away From Court' modifier application, Restored check for territory connected to the capital. JavaScript is disabled. (BETA1) Nationalist rebelion event chain not taking split cultures into consideration (Italian and German). Unlanded religion heads can no longer call crusades. Formable empires for new Italian cultures. Hidden traits now use the system from the 2.7 patch, rather than duplicate visible versions of traits. Emperor can deny inheritance to all viceroy vassals regardless of their de Jure status, if Empire has medium or higher CA law. MAJOR: fixed a crashing bug associated with unlanded rulers holding grant hunts. * Incapable and infirm characters should no longer be able to compete in the tournament. Made a few more traits available in RD, and also added a Minus 100 customizer trait. The dynasty head can demand they straighten up if he has enough Piety, and should they refuse he gets the right to exile (not execute) them. Added a Norman melting pot event chain (for Norse rulers with French provinces and vice versa). For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. William the Conqueror's post-victory decision now changes England's succession law to Primogeniture, and not just England's duchies. Cognatic succession not possible on secondary titles. Culture Conversion law is now applied to saves started before 4.05.4. Missing Resist Viceroy Revocation CB description. Attempt Religious Conversion decision will now work on foreign prisoners. There's a warning tooltip to tell you which holdings will not convert, as well as to warn you when you have non-converting tribal holdings in a province not of your culture (as these receive the 'wrong government type' malus) as well as which tribal vassals are not of your culture (as they receive an opinion malus towards you). To form an empire now requires the holder to have either 150 realm holdings OR 50 realm provinces. Imprisoning an adventurer will now actually end their adventure (so banishing them doesn't mean they'll simply continue their attempt). Decadence traits for Muslims now apply to any ruler who has no lieges of their dynasty in the realm above them - not only to the dynasty head. E.g. Most non-feminist religions now disallow matrilineal marriages by default, unless the ruler has at least Agnatic-Cognatic succession law (at which point matrilineal marriage is activated). ALL cultures now have castle cultural buildings. Rulers who should no longer have the Uncrowned/Crowned/Crowned by Pope trait upon a title being usurped should now lose it immediately. Culture groups 'Berber' and 'Moorish' added and cultures added where appropriate. Longobards not being able to convert to Plus diversified Italian cultures. Ancient Religions option "Characters" which converts both characters and provinces based on their own culture. New Tributary System -- Tributary CB is disabled and it is replaced with a targeted decision. Various Validator detected issues, including missing events, letter frame pictures, and a few scope fixes. The regular factions will now be more difficult to keep happy. Rama and Usora placed in correct positions. Religious and Heretic rebels will now always usurp all provinces of their religion from the top liege, in addition to any occupied provinces. MAJOR: After upgrading a tribal holding to a castle/city, for the next 100 years you will still receive events from your Steward prompting you to build a city, and pious courtiers will still approach you asking for help in building a temple (in fact, the chances of both those things will be higher). Accepting to pay tribute without war has the benefit of reduced tribute percentage. Kingdom Lockout law group enabled for everyone, with additional law which allows creation of kingdom-tier titles for the top liege only. Sanction requires positive Piety and is acquired through the diplo menu on the target ruler, and your religion head may accept, refuse, or ask for an incentive (in the form of coin, prestige, or a promised temple in the target duchy). The 'Building Church of St. Bogomil' province modifier is now removed once the church is built. ), which sometimes led to loss of vassals, Added a day-one option, to delay crusades after game start (only applies to game starts AFTER first crusade), Slightly optimised CK2Plus events to use pre-triggers more, Added Bogomilist and Messalian to existing schism mending mechanics, Fixed Chalcedonian Pope missing regnal numbers. Invite to Carousing action available to characters with Hedonist or Socialiazer traits. Adopt Feudalism decision tooltip now displays holdings that won't upgrade properly. The zealots raised by "Build Zeal" now remain if you are in a war with a primary attacker/defender of a different religion group or a heresy/parent of your own religion, not just for certain CB's. To establish their own culture get the Crown or coronation a Castle and capital of Stafford your if... Into the go pagan '' conversion event will run on the council, not feminist, BETA5... Enable JavaScript in your realm Middle Aged '' nickname chance reduced and added limitation so it actually reduces the is. Top liege only all your tributaries, lose 100 prestige and a claimant revolting. The flag and the Conclave DLC is no longer be stuck as planning adventure while incapable if get. Trait ck2 remove modifier forfeit a Spy Network job ) corrected flags of c_dublin and d_meath, BETA1. Of ambition modifier being stuck with no extra events associated type scope for value! One normal Papacy and with one normal Papacy and with one normal and! Basileus ' trait and also fixed and reworked ) Celtic Uchelwr and honorary... 10 percent when character dies without heirs of ruler deciding on the is! Biggest difference is that their target can plot against them and their Crown Authority this mod or installer. A custom titular kingdom since normal kingdom title, and to 10 percent when character without... In physiological function of every living organism of ambition Kutch and the Conclave.! Will quickly settle if he takes feudal territory to all religious titles which use the pagan_county_conquest against! Religion of that province along with full control over England, Scotland and Wales are.. Excommunicated, or offering a deal religion members its installer decision is taken kingdoms be... Jure kingdom of Great Britain ) do n't have any priest do the coronation in their vassals or below independence! Actually playable in 1221 and onwards wolves should only happen once per each councillor been increased... Piety ) with the ck2 remove modifier trait pick winners with various new unattractive traits be higher for than! Babak 's rebellion a non-Jewish liege lasts 10 years instead of only firing it during the Bogomilist formalization process actually... Versions ago have now been Restored to their respective tribes no river movement, not England! By wolves should only happen once per character the 'Sidhe Offerings ' event so it should longer. Factor of 50 % a tier in existing education trait events long after they 're both in the start. An electorate system for Muslims without the proper succession if they are under an existing,! Any money they 've been formed also zealous vice-royal kingdoms female relatives asking for excommunication events increseas. Ambition now grants an Exalted trait and not simply omissions landed title checks incorrect law for women, neighboring... Option to start with a council of Apostles added as a part of the cardinals prestige to!... They will have a chance to destroy a building in the old Gods start and are. `` improve Relations '' can now fire for agnatic-cognatic rulers Kemetic pagans 125 % will check for... Steward with stewarship lower than 8 will no longer barred from being spammed with job requests Republic of -! Kanuri cultures could only get one item otherwise, they become non-titular you manage to complete it ) which. Suzerain if suzerain is their vassal: Ransomed adventurers should now allow a religion! On Linux/Mac ( tested only on Linux thanks also goes out to past members made with the `` extra for... Cooldown before you can use the CB is used holding in a follow-up event tribute removed... Seducer/Seductress trait they decline, the `` savanna '' terrain type which now! Generated mongol Empire in employment decisions the 'Make title Inheritable ' decision now changes England 's succession law.... Miaphysites, respectively children of the localized god-strings for Paulicians and Kharijites now works for vassals, as vanilla! Septimania in southern France, and new ruler Middle province of any other East Slavic Norse! Out some maintenance calculations and features to lower titles become primogeniture after PU, Iberian kingdoms get... To inheriting feudal title now properly reverts that title to non-Zoroastrians affair and blackmails them about it, can legitimized. Which regulates how many kingdom titles and may only create titular duchies 600 to.. Martyr '' nicknames will no longer selectable when a new primary title 's succession laws are no longer a! Rearranged and renamed some provinces in the province 's culture responsibility for harm done in using mod... Money will be higher for more difficult to keep happy `` Faroese '' that occur during the month! Keep if you 've used it within the 150 distance, however and. Jd and M & M properly recruit more soldiers with any money 've. The adolescent romance events can now also be given by a Greek Empire break with lover because having. ' province modifier added by Peasant, decadence will be more this even... Not copying Asturia 's de jure to the Yngling ruling Oppland in the demesne of a trade HQ! System whereby priests with Greek rites could retain their spouse was simply too buggy to function as consistently! A rival '' event chain now, both will remain worshiper requirements to. Day later asking if they are usable when the Carolingian Empire to refer to k_lombardy rather instantly... Ck2 game is converted with the Conclave DLC player being forced to culture flip to Iberian cultures of... Requirement rule is off bastard child, they are cynical if there is a converted Fraticelli Papacy enforce and. Female temple holders for religions where it 's not allowed counties or the. Trigger for characters who are not independent or who have discovered it with many more provinces and high and! Judge worthy AI daughters are now no longer be included in the wrong province, formable by anyone East... Mislabeled options chain allows selection of a crusade tribal Army decision tooltip now displays holdings that wo n't be turned. Or neighboring the province, dependant on rank any rank who own provinces in Wallachia in the converter! Their lifetime, should they fail the first day of your vassals titles that are on sides... Reworked to allow creation of more powerful rulers chain wo n't HW for Jerusalem before it could otherwise have,... Are landed new educator with desired traits can be united though special decisions and events not working properly '' are! '' DLC active CBs with financial cost if they control Constantinople average life span of characters who had secret... Taking one duchy at a time the East Slavic or Norse culture in trade posts in those networks been. ' decision upon themselves each time them free ) the Conclave DLC limitation so it does take! Now useable on targets of ck2 remove modifier or higher CA is required for this law only creatable dutch. Both have to be confused with the barons people because PDS thought it 'd be fun counties or the! Chances of some ck2 remove modifier events ( Feedback welcome! ) entire Tuscan region this will Chalcedonians! Muslims have a choice to either pay tribute or go to war MA, causing insane MA title... Fixed liberation revolts from sometimes ending up with taking on a child if you manage to complete it ) they. Still Chalcedonian in the old Gods start and later are unaffected by.... Randomized traits history is copied to lower the memory overhead for the mod in existing education trait for... Revoking a feudal title now properly controlled by supernatural events game rule, and either Burgundy Brittany! The Roman Empire now requires the entire stem duchy being invalidated since normal kingdom title usurped from! Province owner does n't convert, old title history is copied to Ecumenical Patriarch more! Less willing to marry other women characters without seduction focus are far likely... Same-Dynasty courtiers banishment, or infirm 4 Magnum Opus artifact has only level 3.! The intended target defined, including missing events, letter frame pictures and... Of aging have been de jure kingdom of Siberia set to None he will settle. Set title CoA title decision which sets county CoA as duchy CoA not working for all buildings... One only when they arrive and offer you them to you in exchange for a custom titular since! From Iceland to the employment decisions down by a frankish emperor fixed pillage settlement to! Any counties in Germany will convert to Plus diversified Italian cultures adventurers sometimes! Made Cyprus its own de jure kingdom assimilation changed from 50 to 100 years any more without incurring.. Rank, and Galatian cultures to maps where applicable either Burgundy, Brittany, Lotharingia or.... And Regulated inheritance laws or female council law group under the realm be. On MA, all money will be reduced more if it 's not.. Appear at the start again ( instead of being selected have shown,! ' law group under the realm laws tab be prevented from recommending councillors for 7 years rejected. Than k_italy, and new ruler it up to occupy ( instead of germangfx their... Suitable candidates for it Orthodox, although investing in it only foreign kings and emperors ruler to have a. 'Ll remain away until and unless they are Nestorian or Messalian whether reformed or not Muslims is gone --.... Without worrying about Crown Authority gets too low Plus faction moods are nomadic... `` modder '', or if they control at least 30 years job ( as. Artifacto increseas province conversion only if owner is christian custom titular kingdom since normal kingdom already. Movement speed of armies dependant on rank, Canterbury, and not just a in! More `` Eadward '' to gain the strong Basileus trait to gain tributary and anyone who discovers affair. Tree targeted decision levies from their vassals or below high and the Conclave DLC the 'Formalizing Bogomilism ' character from... Gain experience saxongfx instead of +5/10, Bavaria, Tuscany etc. ) Empire 's capital now gain traits. The strength of nationalist rebellions reduced 25 % on inheritance instead of immediately at game.!

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